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The Club would not be here if it was not for our founder members. On these pages I hope to build a history of our founder members. If you have any information or antidotes about those you remember, please let me know so I can add then to this list.

Rose and Bert Head

Founder Members

To many of you, Rose Head is just a name, but I wanted to tell you how much we owe to Rose and her husband Bert, in the formation of the club and clubhouse.

A very quiet, private couple, Rose and Bert were founder members of the club in more than name only, they were workers! While we were fundraising, Rose spent hours making peg bags, aprons, etc. for all our fetes and fayres we held. She knitted figures for the Nativity at Christmas, Bert making the stables, she sold these for £25 each – all for club funds (my grandchildren still have one!). Sponsored walks, jumble sales, race nights, cake stalls, fayres – Bert and Rose were always there working.

 When eventually the clubhouse was built, the club acquired second-hand carpet tiles (I think from Nation Wide), Bert and Rose on their own (by now well into their 60’s) sorted them and laid all the best ones in the club room, laying the rest in the cloakrooms. The club was then given sets of matching curtains, Rose and Bert set about making up enough pairs of curtains to fit all the windows in the clubhouse. They looked new! All the time they were both conscientiously carrying out their normal club duties – cleaning!

 They were both good bowlers and though Rose would never agree she became an excellent “skip” for the ladies.

 Together with Rose, the club members were devastated when Rose’s daughter Joy, wife of Brian Perry,  also a club member, died very, very, suddenly. They were all so dignified in their grief.

 Rose and Bert willingly contributed so much to the development of the club, but no one would realise as they were so quiet and unassuming. Thanks to people like them we have such a fine clubhouse and successful club, long may it continue.

Thank you, Rose and Bert R.I.P.

Kathleen Smith