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On Tuesday, 25th February 1992, at an open meeting held at The Haydon Wick Community Centre, the Parish Coucil offered to finance the construction of a bowling green at the site of the old centre, providing there was sufficient interest to form a club to ensure that the facility was properly used and maintained.

A steering committee was formed and at its inaugural meeting Mrs Leonardine Walker was elected Chairperson, Mr Keith Ford, Hon. Secretary and Mr Duncan Harper, Hon. Treasurer.

It was anticipated that even given good weather conditions the green would not be usable before the latter half of 1993 at the earliest. How ever as the playing membership was to be restricted to 120 it is necessary to know as soon as possible who might be interested in joining.

It was decided to invite applications for membership, then at £2 per year, which sum was only a token of the fee what would be necessary once play became possible. The moneys received in this way enabled the committee to finance a club structure so that no time would be lost when the green was ready for use.

A social committee was also formed with a view to holding functions for fund raising and to encourage good bowling by arranging coaching sessions, possibly indoors, and visits to other clubs.

Photograph record of the building of the Green.