Club Competition Rules

/ Club Competition Rules


All competitors entering any of the inter club competitions are required to comply with the following rules. All dates for finals should be noted before entering any competition.


The draw will be made by the Competition Committee immediately after the closing date. Each game will be between the challenger(s) (named first) and their opponent(s).


All competition games are to be played in Greys (White top, grey trousers or skirts). No shorts or cut-offs allowed. Markers for any match should also wear Greys.


The challenger(s) will be responsible for checking the notice board for the official closing date for the designated round and providing three playing dates to their opponent(s). This should ideally  be undertaken within 7 days of the start date of the round or draw date. If it is known that the challenger will be unavailable during this period then the Competition committee should be notified. Unless mutually agreed these dates must consist of the following:

  • One date must include a Saturday or Sunday
  • There must be at least 14 clear days between the first and last dates
  • Only 2 dates may be within the last 14 days of the closing date of the round.

When a mutual date has been agreed between both parties the date of the match shall be entered onto the official draw sheet on the club notice board by one of the playing members.


The challenger will be responsible for arranging a mutually agreeded marker and booking a rink on the ‘Rink Booking sheet’.


The challenger will be awarded the game if the game has not been played (providing both rules 3 & 4 have been adhered to).


The opponent(s) shall, within 48 hours of receipt of the challenge, reply accepting one of the dates offered. If a challenge has not been made within the specified period, (see section 2), the opponent(s) shall endeavour to contact the challenger(s).

If after contacting the challenger(s) no dates are received, as stated under section 3, a claim can be submitted to the Competition committee claiming the game.


The winner of each game must ensure that the results of their game have been recorded on the competition sheets immediately after the game, and the scorecard placed in the designated location.


All games must be played on or before the closing date of each round. No extension of the closing date for each round will be granted for any reason whatsoever.

In the event of a game not being played, the following ruling will apply:

      1. If either the challenger(s) or the opponent(s) has not complied with the rules under 3, 4, 6 then rules 4 and 5 will be enforced and the player(s) concerned will be eliminated.
      2. If all players concerned have not complied with rules 3, 4, 6 they will all be eliminated and their opponents in the next round will be given a walkover.

Rounds up to and including the final will be under the jurisdiction of the designated Club Competition Committee.

Any appeal regards any exclusion or infringement must be made in writing to the Club Competition Committee within one week of the event or within one week of the round finishing date whichever is earliest. The decision of the Competition committee is final and no appeal will be allowed.

Finals will be played during the designated finals day(s). The Competition committee will endeavour to arrange the matches during this period so as to eliminate any conflicts between other competition commitments. Under extreme circumstances a final may be arranged outside of the finals period with the prior agreement of the competition committee.

The Competition Committee would like it known that they would urge all players to make every effort to play their games within the time frame allocated and for both challenger(s) and opponent(s) to converse with each other at all times to achieve a timely conclusion to the matches so that no unpopular decisions have to be made by the Committee.

9. SINGLES (Men’s and Ladies)

All singles matches to be played to 21 shots, except Retired singles (see below) and Ladies 2 woods  (21 ends).

10. PAIRS (Men’s, Ladies and Mixed)

All pairs matches will be played over 18 ends. (Changed from 21 ends for 2017 season)

The two players taking part in the first game shall constitute the pair and would be required to play together throughout the competition.

If due to non availability of any partner during the whole designated period of a round (not semi-final or final), a substitute player supplied by the Competition committee may be called upon for one round only of the competition. The substitute used must not have played in the competition already and shall only play in lead position (as laid down in the national laws of the game). Substitute will be, man for man or lady for lady.

The Competition committee will advise on available substitutes. After the original draw has taken place, any person not drawn in the competition and wishing to be included as a substitute, shall give their name to the Competition committee.

In the event of a substitute being required, a player will be provided from those available by a member of the Competition Committee.

If these rules are not adhered to, the pair concerned will be disqualified, with the exception of rule 14.


Each team will consist of between four and eight members, depending on number of members entered. Each player’s name will be picked randomly to form each team. Each team will select one of the team to be their leader, if no one is selected then the first named will. be designated the ‘Team Leader’.

The final format of the competition is dependent on the number of competitors, the format will be supplied after the closing date for entry and posted on the notice board.

If you are a member of a team you cannot play for any other team.

The Competition Committee will hold a list of ‘floaters’. If a ‘floater’ is required by any team, a member of the Competition Committee should be contacted as soon as possible. He/she will draw the name of the ‘floater’ and the team will be able to contact the ‘floater’. Floaters cannot play as skip (covered by the Laws of the game), this position must be covered by original team members.

A match fee will be charged per member per game and the Team Leader or responsible team member shall be responsible for collecting this and passing it to the Competition committee representative present or bar staff if no representative.


Open to Members both men and women who are of retiring age 60 plus (this being the State Retiring Age for women).

Members whom have won the competition within the previous three years cannot enter

Scoring will be:

  • Shot wood.       6 points;
  • Second wood.  4 points
  • third wood.       1 point.

The player who reaches 100 points first is the winner. (18 ends x 11 points = 198 shots, therefore 100 ensures a winner)

If the scores are tied after 18 ends then an extra end will be played and the shot wood wins.


Open to any member, male or female, who has not won any previous club competition other than as a Triples member.


If due to long term illness or disability a player cannot compete in a pairs or triples competition a long term substitute can be allocated for the duration of the competition at the Competition committee’s discretion. This cannot be any competitor knocked out of the same competition in a previous round.


Any complaint or grievance not covered by the rules above should be submitted to the competition committee in writing within 14 days of event.