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Rink bookings

The booking site is no longer active. All attempts to go to there will be redirected to this the main site.

Bookings are now only allowed if you are a registered member to this site. If you are not, now is the time to register and get the benefits of member status.

Question; Why have you done away with the old system?
Answer; The original site was meant as a short-term solution due to Covid. The club and Bowls England are adopting a full online booking system for the future. The original system was open to the world and anyone who wished to book rinks for fun and the fact they could. The new system is only available to registered members and is more secure.

A calendar is now showing next to the booking pages. This will list all the bookings but due to the nature of the system, only new bookings made from the 1st of June will show on the calendar. Over time it will all become up to date.

Booking of rinks are now selected from the main member’s menu. Please contact me (Martin) if you have any problems and feel free to leave any comments.

Please if you register as a website member make a note of your user name and password. Any attempt on guesting your password more than a few times will lock you out of the system for an hour. This a safety protocol to stop hackers from around the world trying to guest my password so they can get in and mess or destroy the website.


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