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Haydon Wick has had a policy of encouraging new bowlers throughout our coaching system. Over 50% of our members have come through our system and if we are to ensure the club’s future we need to continue with a viable coaching scheme. Over the years we have had many coaches that have gone through various coaching schemes. However, we are now down just 3 coaches and not all can regularly make our Monday evening sessions. This put a burden on the other coaches which means we cannot give a one-to-one coaching session when needed.

So we are asking for volunteers to either go through a level one coaching course run by Bowls England or become a “Play Bowls Activator” also run by Bowls England. Both theses could hopefully be run locally. Links to both of these are shown below.

But if you cannot, or do not wish to do either we still need members to help out on a Monday evening from 6:00 pm to dusk. At the moment I have two members who have offered to lend a hand and thank you both but after our Open Day, I am expecting a large group to attend our future evenings so more volunteers please.

If you are interested in any way with coaching please contact Martin Edwards.

Level one coaching course details.

Play Bowls Activator details

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