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Social Media for club members

Hi all, I have added the ability for all members to stay in touch and past information to all our registered members. This addition is like Facebook, you can add post, photo etc. to keep members informed. I hope you will all give it a go. You still Log-in with your username and password and when you first log-in you will become a member of the social network.

If you wish to create an Avatar like mine then goto and create your avatar then download your image to your computer. From there goto you profile under Social Media and edit the profile image. You can then upload the downloaded image to give yourself a face to your profile. Or you can just upload a picture of yourself.

Please let me know how you get on or email me if you want help. I will try to add a user help document at a later date.

Stay safe.


  1. Well done Martin. Let’s hope it catches on. For those who don’t know Derrick has been in hospital for a week and confirmed to have the virus. He is on oxygen, is weak and not eating much. I was allowed to go up and see him twice but no more. When I spoke to the ward manager this morning I was told he was more settled and the oxygen levels had improved a bit. I will try and keep you updated. Thanks to those who have us in their thoughts and prayers.

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